Monday, June 4, 2012

Vermicelli(Semia) Kesari:

            Semia Kesari,Vermicelli Kesari :

Vermicelli 1 cup.
Sugar 1 cup.
Water 2 cups.
Cardamom 1 pinch.
Kesari colour 3 drops.
Ghee 1/4 cup.
Cashew  nuts 10-12 no.
Dry grapes 10 - 12 no.


1.Heat 1 tbsp of  Ghee in a pan and roast the vermicelli till it become golden brown in colour.
2.Roast the cashew first when it started changing colour put the grapes,saute and switch off.
3.Take another  pan ,boil 2 cups of water.Once done add cardamom powder,  kesari powder & pinch of salt(Salt will bring out the flavors that you are using in your recipe, it helps bring out the sweetness, tartness, savoryness.)  and mix throughly.
4. Put the fried vermicelli in to the boiling water and cook with lid till the vermicelli become soft.
5.Now add the sugar and ghee.
6.Cook till the water is absorbed well.
  Serve hot with nuts and dry grapes.

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