Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yummy Crab Nandu Masala

          6 Medium size crabs.
         1 Big onion, 5 small onion.
         2 Big tomatoes.  (fully ripe & juicy - select full red ones.)
         Curry leaves.
         Fennel seeds 1 tsp.
        Garam masala 1 tsp.

Prepare a paste of the following:
        6 table spoons freshly grated coconut.
        1 small piece ginger
        Chilly powder 2 table spoon
        Coriander powder 1 table spoon
        Turmeric powder Half-table spoon
        1 Big tomato (fully ripe & juicy - select full red ones.)
         5 small onion
        Indian black pepper 1table spoon
        Cumin seed 3/4 Table spoon
        Fennel seed 1 sp
        Grind it very nicely.
    1.Clean the Crab and put little turmeric ,mix well and keep aside.
    2. Prepare the above paste.
    3.Take deep fry pan.  Pour 4 table spoons sunflower oil.  When the oil is hot, put the fennel seeds & let it splatter.  Add garam masala powder in the hot oil and then the curry leaves.
    4. Add finely chopped 1 big onion and fry  till  it becomes golden brown in colour.
   5. Add chopped tomato in, add very little salt because it helps tomato to cook fast.
   6. Add the cleaned crabs and pour the masala's in to it and pour water just enough to cover the crabs fully.  Not more than that.
 7.  Add required amount of salt and cook it with a closed lid.  Taste & check the gravy until the masala is fully cooked.  (No raw taste of the masala!)  If u want tight gravy cooked it for more time.
 8.  Switch it off when you can see oil separating at the top.
      Yummy crab nandu masala is goes very well with rice and roti...!


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