Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mutton Gravy(currry)

 Mutton Gravy(Erache Koottu):

1. One kg fresh Indian mutton.
2. Ten Small onion.
3.2 Big tomatoes, full red & ripe
4.Ginger Garlic Paste 2 tbsp.
5.Chilly powder 2 tbsp.
6.Coriander powder 1 tbsp.
7.Turmeric powder 1/2 tbsp.
8.Pepper Cumin powder ! tbsp.
9.Fennel seed powder 1/2 tbsp.
      Make a paste of:
10. Fresh coconut 2 tbsp
11. whole  fennel seed .

1. Cut the Mutton in to small pieces and wash it.
2. Pressure cook the  mutton for 3 to 4 min with little turmeric and salt.
3.Cut the onion in to thin slices,and tomato in to small pieces.
4.Take a deep fry pan ,pour 4 tbsp of cooking oil, put garam masala powder and small amount of fennel seed.
5.Add curry leaves in and add onion , fry it till it become golden brown in colour.
6.Add chopped tomatoes in,add little salt because it helps to cook fast.
7.Add ginger garlic paste.
8.Add turmeric powder,chilly powder,coriander powder,fennel powder and garam masala powder.
9.Sprinkle little water and fry it.
10. Add salt, Taste and  Check whether the masala is fully  cooked.
11.Add the cooked fresh Mutton .mix well with the masala.
12.Pour the coconut paste.Add little water, cover the pan and cook.  Mix occasionally.  Finally sprinkle  pepper cumin  powder.
13.When the oil starts to collect on top, garnish it with coriander Leaves.
Mutton gravy is Ready. It goes very well with Rice,Roti,Naan,Idly and Dosa.

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