Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spicy Indian Style Noodles.

South Indian Style Spicy Noodles:

    Maggie  noodles Curry flavour 1 pocket.
    Big onion 1
    Tomato 2 small.
    Curry leaves.
    Red chilly 2pcs.
    Mustard seed 1 tbsp.
    Urad dal 1/2 tbsp.
    Salt to taste
    Cooking oil 1 tbsp.


      1. Boil the noodles alone (Do not add maggi masala now.) 
      2. Cut the onion and tomato in to small pieces.
      3. Heat the oil in a large pan.
      4. Put the mustard seed and let it splatter.   Add little urad dal, curry leaves & red chilly.
      5. Add the sliced onions, fry till it becomes golden brown in colour.  Add the chopped juicy tomatoes,
          add very little salt because it helps  tomato to cook fast.
     6. Add the Maggi masala in to it (if u want more spicy add little chilly  powder).
     7. Finally add the cooked noodles in to it and mix it well.
     8.Cook for 2 minutes and SERVE HOT.
          Tasty south indian style Spicy Noodles ready.
           If you like you can add egg also.

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