Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Murrukku(Home Style):

Home Style Easy Murrukku:

Rice Flour 4 cup.
Urad dal (Ulunthu) 3/4 cup.
Mixture of Fried , Roasted channa dhal powder (pottu kadalai)  and  moong dhal powder(paasi paruppu)   1/4 cup.
Butter 200 gm.
Cumin seed(jeerakam) 1 tbsp.
 White Sesame seed (ellu)1 tbsp.
Asafoetida 1/4 tbsp.
Take 4 cups of rice flour.
Take one cup of mixed dal.

 Roast  channa dal (pottu kadalai), moong dal(pasiparuppu) and  urad dal(ulinthu) in a kadai.

Grind this mixture in the mixture grinder.

 Mix together the Rice flour, powdered gram, white sesame seeds, cumin seeds, asafoetida powder, butter and salt. Do not add water.

 Make the dough Nor too tight nor loose. Also make sure to fry them as soon you prepare the dough. This will help to avoid oil retention.

Take the dough and  the put it in the  Murukku press and use the plate that has 3 smooth round holes in it.
Now Press the dough in a circular motion on top of a ladle or  plate.

 Heat oil in a kadai or a pan.
 Test if the oil is hot enough, drop a pinch of dough into it. If it sinks, the oil isn`t hot enough. If the dough springs to the top with bubbles all around it, then the oil is ready.
 Now Press the dough in a circular motion on top of a ladle or  plastic sheet.
 Now place the ladle inside the hot oil. Keep the flame Med-high. Too hot will burn the outside and too low will make these retain lots of oil.

Turn it until its light golden yellow.
  Simple Home Style Murukku is Ready.



Spice up the Curry said...

murrukku looks so crispy and tasty. nice recipe

jasmine samson said...

Thanks a lot..:)