Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Avial (Mixed Vegetable Curry)

Avial (Mixed Vegetable Curry):

   Mixed vegetables 1 Kg.
   Drumstick 1(Murungakai)
   Brinjal 3(kathirikai)
   Mango 1.
   Lemon cucumber(vellarikai)
   Beans 5 no.
   Green plantain(Valakkai)
   Green chilly 6.
   Cluster Beans 6 no(Kothavarankai)
   Carrot 1 big.
   Tindora 8 (Kovakkai)
   Small onion 10.
   Tamarind  little.
   Garlic 3 cloves.
   Coconut 1 cup.
   Red chilly 2
   Curry Leaves.
   Mustard sees 2 tbsp.
   Cumin seed 2 tbsp.
   Turmeric 1 tbsp.
   Cooking oil 2 tbsp.
   Salt to taste.

  Make a paste:
    Coconut,Cumin seed,Garlic and Green chilly.
    1.Cut all the vegetables in to a medium size julienne(thin strips)
    2.Take a deep large pan.
    3.Put all the Fresh thin strips vegetables in to the pan and mixed well.
    4.Add enough amount of salt and turmeric powder and mix it well.
    5.Now add very little water and boil the vegetable.  Don't add too much water.  Just sprinkle water
      enough to keep the vegetables wet.Add the tamarind juice also.

    6. Once the vegetables are half-cooked, add the masala paste and cook well.  Do not overcook.
    7. Heat oil in a pan.  Once hot, add mustar seeds and let it splatter.  Add little urad dal and curry leaves.
       Add the red chillies and fry lightly and put it in the vegetables.
    8. Avial is ready.It goes very well  with Rice and Adai .


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